Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Cow!

I opened the paper today, and 2 stories caught my eye.
President Obama has been working tirelessly on reforming our antiquated Health Care system here in the U.S. and he just recently became somewhat successful in making some much needed improvements.
Our Vice President was so happy about the news he dropped the F-bomb while congratulating the President. While some people (most from the other side of the isle) thought it was just scandalous that Joe Biden would do such a thing, my thinking was, "How perfect!"
My friends who live in other parts of the world and have enjoyed Nationalized Health Care all their lives, look at us in the states and listen to our endless debates on this subject, and just roll their eyes.
I think they understand why Joe Biden was so F%&*ing excited.
I like the fact that our #1 and #2 guys in charge are, well, like regular guys.
The Pres is playing the March Madness basketball pool and the Vice Pres drops the F-bomb like a sailor in on leave.
I love these guys.
The fact that they have proven to me to be the perfect 1-2 punch, taking on serious economic problems as well as improving, just a bit, our reputation in the eyes of the world, is a huge reason I'm a fan.
I understand we have a long way to go.
But seriously, putting all political biases aside, don't you think these 2 guys would be a hoot to hang out with in a bar for a couple hours?
I do.

The other article I noticed was more shenanigans by those rascals in the Catholic Church.
My question is, why do I seem to be the only person who gets pissed when another bus load of adults come foreword to tell their tragic stories of being taken advantage of as little children, by Priests who were supposed to be their spiritual leaders.
If half of these allegations were made against Dunkin Donuts Managers, there would be protesters in the streets carrying large glaze donut signs with big red lines through them.
The D.D. stores in the area would be vacant, their parking lots full of people having a "sit in" eating begals, swearing off donuts forever.
The latest story tells of a Priest in Wisconsin, USA, sexually molesting boys.
He attacked them in their dorm.
He attacked them IN THE CONFESSIONAL!
20 DEAF boys were molested years ago.
20 men came forword recently to tell their story, using sign language.
2 other priests during this terrible time, went to their superior to report this.
Their superior refused to do anything about it, stating that the Priest in question was in ill health, and "These things happened a long time ago."
The superior I speak of is now the Pope.
The nay-sayers who respond by saying, "don't believe everything you read," are beginning to make me sick.
When thousands of people have come forward, accusing hundreds of priests in many many countries......
Why am I the only one who seems to get pissed?


beth said...

you aren't the only one pissed !
I would have said F&$@)*! pissed off, but we aren't that good of friends or even senior and vice of anything...but you know I adore you !

Alison said...

I'm with you there Mark. As Beth (sort of) said, it's f***ing appalling! Is anybody in the church hierarchy REALLY sorry? Are they taking steps to see if it is still happening and to stamp it out? Hmmm....
And yes, I admire greatly what Obama has done for you guys, and a drink and a yarn in a bar with him would be just great! :-)

dcpeg said...

Trust me, Mark -- you are far from alone in your justified anger.

I think a revolution is brewing within the church.

I find it incredibly courageous of these victims to come forward now. How horrible to relive such terribly memories!

I just love Joe Biden!