Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Evil Genius

As it turns out, I think Obama's recovery plan is working because I know of a small business that is just now up and running.
It's called Evil Genius Beer Company and is owned and operated by Luke and Trevor, two young entrepreneurs.

Why am I promoting an Independent Craft Brewery, you might ask. Do I have a financial stake in the company?
No, just an emotional one.

I've known Luke for most of his life. Twenty some odd years ago, my wife Mary Ellen, Luke's mom Jane and 2 other young moms came up with the idea of what became to be known as "playgroup."
One day a week, one of the moms would get stuck, I mean, have the pleasure of baby sitting all 10 kids for a few hours while the other moms had some free time without the kids to do what they wanted.

All the families were vegetarian. 20 years ago, vegetarians used to flock together like a bunch of motor heads at a Corvette rally.

With my unusual 3 week on/off schedule, I had the joy of chasing the little obnoxious...I mean the little toddlers around and feeding them snacks, more than once. Luke was so young I had to cut his tofu marinated in soy sauce. Now he's partnered in a beer company.

I like to think I had a part in Luke's success. I'm wondering if while baby sitting playgroup, did I drink a lot of beer, and that was the seed to Luke's entrepreneurial spirit, which he has now followed to this chapter in his life?
Probably not.

Luke and Trevor met relatively recently while attending Grad school at Villanova University.
Luke is from Pennsylvania and Trevor is from Ireland, so it makes perfect sense to me that their first beer, "Wild Session Ale" is described as a German style Ale.

Evil Genius opened for business today.
To them and all the other small business star tups, I wish the best.


Frau said...

I do too as someone that has become quite fond of German Beer ...sounds delish! I will have to look for it when I move back in 26 days!

nacherluver said...

Good for them! Their website looks great. I wish them lots of luck. Looks like they picked a faboo first event.

beth said...

wow...isn't it great when kids grow up and do something whose noses we wiped and who we rescued when they fell down....

and yes, i'm sure you had a huge of their beers will probably we named after you :)

seriously, it could happen !

you've heard of the beer fat squirrel ?

named after my uncle....well not really, but it could have been....

and spotted cow....well we are in wisconsin :)

Melinda Owens said...

I absolutely LOVE the name they've chosen...Evil Genius, indeed. It's well, um, genius! Inspiring story.

slommler said...

That is great news!! Wish them all the best of luck. It is not easy starting a small business. But it sounds as if they have a good plan. Micro breweries are doing well in this economy. So what does that say about us?? Ha!