Monday, June 7, 2010

It's crazy!

This is a photo of our barge loading black oil at a platform in Long Island Sound, N.Y. 135,000 barrels of the yucky stuff to be exact, that we are going to take to San Juan, Puerto Rico tomorrow.
We should arrive in about 10 days.

A couple questions leap to my mind.
Isn't there a location closer to San Juan where the customer can purchase this same oil?
There are refineries dotted throughout the Caribbean, not to mention the Gulf of Mexico.
I think Venezuela might be closer. ( I don't have a map handy.)
Anyway, New York just seems like it's quite far away to be buying a barge load of oil.
Oil is everywhere. ( I know, I've seen the news.)
St Croix is home to the largest oil refinery in the Northern hemisphere, and is a mere 12 hours by tug and barge away, but this San Juan customer had to go to New York to buy this stuff?

I live an hour drive from Philadelphia. If I need shoes, I don't go to Philly to shop, I go to the local Payless 15 minutes away. I don't get it.
After 37 years in this business, I still don't understand it.

The other thing that frequently pops into my head is this.
Why is this legal?
That barge pictured above, named the 13501, (I guess because our company couldn't be bothered to think of a name for her) has no power, no means of steering, no nothing.
2 bargemen will ride it for the next 10 days or so as we pull it behind us on a cable from our tug that is 2000 feet long. I hope they get along.
Seriously, isn't that weird?
Yes, the bargemen have everything they need, beds, galleys, food, water etc, everything except a means to control it.

Anyway, we go tomorrow. I'll post some photos if internet is available, but after a few days we'll be too far from land to do that.
I'll post more of the trip as soon as possible.


Marilyn said...

You ask good questions. I would wonder the same things. Travel well.

Frau said...

That really is crazy...gorgeous picture! Safe travels...can't wait to see more pictures.

slommler said...

I go back to my previous statement. It all has to do with money. Always!
Have a safe cruise.

dcpeg said...

Good points, all. I think SueAnn said it though - it's all about money. *sigh*

Karen said...

Yes, it must have to do with money... so it must be cheaper or more profitable to get it in NY. The all-mighty dollar, it's the fuel for everything.

I didn't know that about St. Croix, very interesting.

Amazing that the barge has no mechanism for steering, that would scare the hell out of me...

By the way, if you're ever in the NY Harbor again and want a great meal on land, go to TUGS on Staten Island at the base of Snug Harbor. (great place for a seaman like yourself to visit - my mother used to be a tour guide there) Tugs has great food, atmosphere, and you get to watch the barges and tugs cruise by, it's on the water.

beth said...

at least your brain is being over worked with all of these "what the crap is going on" stuff....and at our age they say that's a good prevents alzheimers disease......

wait....who are you again ?
and what am i doing here ?

Jerral Miles said...

Do the people on your tug have any contact with the two guys on the barge as you plow through the Atlantic? I'll bet you have some opportunities for good photographs on your way... I'm eager to see them.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Okay Mark I'm uptodate again. Feeeww. You know how to write a story. I do agree with you on the fact that some times things doesn't make sence at all....and it p....s me off big time.
It is so darn simple....

We just had to elect the new parlement...grr hate that too. There is just no choise I can make with my whole heart. And when I possible could and to make it and vote....darn they change their plans just as things are going well for them....government....hate it.
anyway didn't want to bother you with my wining at all. sorry buddy.

Have a save trip and do keep those wonderful sunsets coming our way.
Loving hugs Dagmar

Scott said...

Hey Mark, Thanks for playing along with Sunset Sunday. I just got back from 4 days up in the mountains without so much as cell phone access and saw your post. At least two maybe even three of the photos here look like nice sunset shots. I would think you might get some beauties out at sea, but the only times I've been at sea were on cruises and I wasn't paying any attention then. I may be following the wrong blog for you. I see this one has a lot more activity than the one I've been a follower on for many months. I definitely look forward to seeing more of your sunsets and OBTW to learn how to include a link in your comment like I'm doing here just click here.