Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like highly trained horses in the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby, these horses wait anxiously for the gates to open.

Like a pace lap at the beginning of NASCAR's Daytona 500, all this idle horse power is just waiting to be let loose, blackening the sky with their exhaust again as they power out to the oil field.

I guess you heard the U.S. Government has lifted the moratorium on drilling down here in the Gulf, which had made a lot of boat company CEO's giddy one month earlier than expected.
The moratorium was actually just a big "Time Out" for the drill rig owners.
Go sit in your Time Out chair and think about what you did wrong.
In case you need reminding, you killed 11 oil rig workers and created an oil spill that made the Exxon Valdez spill seem quite unimpressive.
Oh yeah, and you ruined countless lives.

But now "Big Oil" can resume once again the business of penetrating deep into the earths crust in search of that "Black Gold." ( Remember the Beverly Hillbillies?)

But not so fast Mr. Big Oil. The ban has been lifted but drilling can't resume until the companies prove they adhere to the new, more strict, safety regulations that all must follow if they want to continue drilling deep in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The problem for these modern day panners for gold is this.
The new safety regulations have not been finalized, which means you can't follow new regulations that don't exist.
It will be a few more weeks.

So don't turn those horses loose just yet.


slommler said...

Well let us hope the new regs. work and that the companies will follow them. Me, well I am skeptical for sure!
Have a great day Mark!

Karen said...

Can I tell you I've come to hate the whole industry?.... and I hate even more that I still rely on the product. Ah.. the irony.

Vicky said...

The politics surrounding the oil industry never cease to amaze me. Your photos are awesome and the metaphors you used for them work really well.

Melinda Owens said...

Just like our government to drag their heels...again and again. I LOVE the light in the second photo.

dcpeg said...

Your pictures almost let me hear those big horses champing at the bit! They do pack a wallop, don't they. GRRRRRROOOOWL!!!!!!!

Jerral Miles said...

Love your Kentucky Derby analogy... and especially the last line. Will things ever get back to normal again? And how will know if it's normal or not.