Friday, October 15, 2010

Tears and Cheers

I was going to write about those amazing Chilean miners who were rescued the other day after more than 2 months of being trapped together in a mine. And then I thought to myself, unless I can come up with a new word that has never been used before that is better than the words AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVABLE, then I shouldn't even bother.
Everything that can be said has been said.
But, I am soooo tempted to touch on the subject of the miner with the wife/mistress situation, but I'll take the high road.
Booby Cox, who managed baseball's Atlanta Braves for about a bazillion years, managed his last game the other night when his team got knocked out of the playoffs. It seems Bobby's retiring.
While watching his tear filled press conference I flashed back to the time I was working on a ship as a teenager, and I saw this old first engineer crying as he headed off the ship for the last time, into retirement.
He left an industry 35 years ago that is totally different from the industry I know today. His sailing days were filled with visiting different ports, meeting different people and probably drinking way too much every now and again.
Todays Merchant Marine is nothing but TWIC cards and random drug/alcohol tests, regulations, JSA's, reports, audits and inspections.
Most docks, since 9/11 are in lock down and you can't enter or leave without making prior arrangements by phone. Thank you Home Land Security.

If you want to leave the boat for a visit to town, make sure you bring your TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Card) and your Merchant Mariners I.D., or you may not get back in.
Don't forget your hard hat and steel toe boots. It's very fashionable for dock yards these days to insist on you wearing this safety equipment. Thank you various insurance companies.
No, this ain't your Dad's Merchant Marine.
The day I am lucky enough to retire from this over regulated industry,
there will be no tears.
Not even one.
As I write this I keep glancing at the TV. Major league baseball is in full swing.
Yes, I'm multi-tasking.
A-Rod, the New York Yankees 3rd baseman and youngest player ever to reach 600 home runs, just stepped into the batters box. He's one of those guys, love him or , you'll stop what your doing to watch his at bat.
I'm watching..........................................................................................................................
He just grounded out.
The Yankees are getting spanked by Texas in the 6th inning.
Ahh, lifes simple pleasures.


Alison said...

I enjoy these little snapshots of your life. And once, when I was visiting the States, I went to the Texas Rangers ground. (I'm guessing that's the Texas you mention.):-)

April Mechelle said...

I would like to hear the take on the Mistress/Wife Miner... LOL I think I heard where 1 single miner had 4 girlfriends show up and they did not know about each.. Also heard 1st & 2nd wives were showing up for a hand out from Mining Co. Most be something with these Chile Miners.. LOL

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Wow Mark one of the first guys that is multitasking...yea right (that's what you call it wich really is not). Multitasking is talking on the phone while doing all the ironwork, helping the youngest one build his lego structure getting a load of fresh washed clothes out of the machine, still hanging the ironed shirt your holding (will talking to your friend) moving a pile of follthed clothes into the closet while making a list of what to have for dinner in your head....some kind of stuff....

But I'm so proud of you handeling two things at a time. Yea for you.

I'm kidding I'm just making fun of you, no hard feelings I hope.
Always love the hear what you're up to.
Wonderful hugs D.

slommler said...

And then they came back and won!! Amazing!!

Megan said...

What? Am I the only one who is going to mention you said Booby Cox? Lol.
:) :)

beth said...

so only baseball or do you watch football, too ?

thee college game is tonight....wisconsin vs ohio....espn is here and will be broadcasting it....

yep, we're going and i don't even like football but some friends have a box, so i can live with that :)

cschneider said...

I couldn't agree more that jobs are over regulated. It is a joke. I love how they regulate to "keep us same from harm". Recently I had to prove that I was phyiscally fit to work. I showed up ready and willing that should be proof enough!

Karen said...

Oh, but they ended up handing out the spanking. (sorry)

Now, I must google the wife/mistress thing, cause... I hadn'theard and that is just..uh-oh like.