Saturday, October 16, 2010


Tonight my home team, the Philadelphia Phillies
are playing their first game of the playoff series
against the San Francisco Giants

On our boat we have a 42" flat screen TV
If I choose, I can watch the game in private
on the 22 inch flat screen in my room.

I was pumped for the game.

LCD....High Definition
We have the biggest and the best.

One problem.
We have the cheapest satellite plan available.
Budget crunch you know.

So as our big fancy HD TV is presently
showing reruns of Bewitched
down in the galley.

I have to watch the game on my computer.

Look at the field
It's just like being there.


slommler said...

Oh dear! So you really didn't get to enjoy the game. Sorry!
Hope your team did well...I didn't see the end. I know the pitchers where having a terrible time with the home plate ref. He wasn't calling the close pitches at all! Sucks!

Karen said...

I feel for you. I do.