Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two of my thirsty fellow crew members
thought we needed to stock up on that
popular thirst quencher.

So they meandered over to the BP staging area
where people who work for BP
cleaning up the spill
can help themselves to supplies
that they might need
to facilitate their efforts.

Our boat now works for BP
so we are welcomed with open arms
by the hard hat wearing employees
who are in charge of giving out
huge amounts of free stuff.

The thing is
not one person on our crew
has seen one drop of oil.
We haven't touched one oil soaked
adsorbent pad.
We have done nothing to improve
the waters of the Gulf.
But we're standing by...
fully hydrated.

Are you kidding me?
Do we really need all this?
There are 6 guys on the boat
and 3 of us don't drink the stuff.

I think a homeless shelter
or a soup kitchen or a
High School football team could make better
use of all these cases of electrolytes

And I wonder what in the world
we are going to do with all these gloves?

We now have more latex gloves
than your local emergency room.
But they're free
so we take them.
I just don't get it.
When I knocked off today
I grabbed a coffee and my camera
and sat on the stern

and watched the day come to an end


Janney said...

Man, that must be a year's supply of drink. Those photo's are cool...nice way to end the day. Must be around autumn where you are...

Jerral Miles said...

Great pictures... and I heard from cousin Carl about some things you can do with those rubber gloves, but you probably don't want to hear about it.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

what a spell....some times I don't understand it all.

Love the first sunset picture Mark.
So just sit there with a cuppa makes you feel kinda good right.
Take anothere one before you read my latest post please. And if you got the urge to strangle me give me a call I'll hop over so you can kick some ass....;-)))
Hugs and extra ones Dagmar

beth said...

for some reason the term "knocked off" and the visual i have of you being on a boat, cracked me up.

my son's name is on a plane, we hope nobody knows him, as there is always the chance they might say, "hi jack"....not a good thing to say on a plane :)

Karen said...

You've got a good idea with the homeless shelter or soup kitchen thing, Mark. Maybe this is where you can put a dent in the crisis.. if they won't let you help with the clean-up, your boat crew can organize a donation of the unused supplies to the charity of your choice!... Maybe a sale of that stuff to go to the rehabilitation of the marine life that have been rescued, or the families who have lost members in the explosions, etc.

Love those rose-hued sunset pics... atleast there's that :-)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great pictures and I'm with you donate it to somewhere in need. But the problem is you need to be ready just in case soooo drink up!

dcpeg said...

What on Earth . . .? B.P. so "under-did-it" in the beginning of this mess and now they're totally over-doing-it. Makes me wonder about their management.

Great pictures and they added a lot to the story. Hope things pick up soon - not seeing oil, but getting back to doing something useful so you don't have to just sit around.

As for the drinks . . .? Can't touch the stuff because it makes me want to barf just like Alkaseltzer (sp?) Eeuuw!

slommler said...

Oh my! Talk about waste?? That is definitely a years' supply of liquid. Ha! And all those gloves?? What the heck??
Beautiful pics of the days end.

Marilyn said...

Is this called "over-kill"? Nice pictures of the evening.