Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

A visit to the local voting location today told me the political enthusiasm
of 2 years ago has worn off.
The line of people that stretched around the building for the presidential election
was just a memory.
No waiting today. No catching up with the neighbors. I was ushered right in like a VIP to cast my vote and was restarting my still warm car only minutes later.
I'm confused by the lack of participation. It appears to me since the Presidential election, everyone has a very strong opinion about the state of affairs in our country these days.
My question is, where were you today?

People don't hesitate to tell me, once they figure out I am a registered Democrat, what an awful job "That guy" in the White House is doing.
Maybe I should remove my "Campaign for Change" bumper sticker.
What a short, selective memory some of us have.I swear I sometimes feel like I am the only guy who voted for "That guy."

Missing from the event this morning were the usual tables, manned by supporters handing out literature proclaiming why so and so would be the best person for the job.
A lonely Republican table was set up. The Democrats didn't even bother to set up a sign.

They're either confident or have given up. Maybe their polls have showed it's not worth the energy expended to set up a folding table and scotch tape a sign to it.
I guess we'll know tonight when the results are in.

On that subject, don't most people have an idea who they are going to vote for before they arrive at the voting booths?
Maybe not.
What's with all the last minute handouts?
I'm sure a poll was conducted to see if it is worthwhile to stand there and hand out pamphlets 20 feet from the booth.

I can only hope the low turn out was just a lull in a otherwise busy day at the voting booths.


Karen said...

One word... Apathy.

I voted for that guy too.

I don't know if it's the case in your neck of the woods, but there have been SO MANY people standing on street corners and store fronts and intersections holding up candidate signs... as If that's gonna sway anyone?... don't get that either.

nacherluver said...

Our voting location is always the same. Quick conscientious voters showing up in droves. Sometimes a line, never too long, moves smoothly and swiftly. No matter the election, it's always the same. Guess I'm blessed for that. When I went there was an excellent turnout.
As far as signs? Flyers? They're flippin' insane!!!! If they took all the advertising dollars, manpower and cost of paper, supplies and the likes and put it toward the deficit, we would probably be out of debt!!1
I didn't read a single hand-out and turned every commercial off. If I want to learn, I will research and look it up. Negative ads are a deal breaker for me. Everyone saying what the other guy did, no one saying what they (themselves) will do. Bullshit.
Scary part? The nasty stuff. Lots of signs around here being held up. Huge signs held by picketers. Example? "That guy" with a Hitler mustache, etc... Not cool. Does for me the opposite of what they're looking for.
Will be glad when the day is done so I can stop riding my pack mule down to the mailbox to haul the load of shit to the recycler.

slommler said...

It is the wave of the future...less participation and more complications. Maybe with the pot being stirred up a bit...maybe???

Vicky said...

Me too, that guy... I knew I liked you for good reason :) We had an awesome turnout... the lines were long and steady, it did remind me of a presidential election and last night they thought we may have had record turnout.

Anonymous said...

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Jerral Miles said...

I've been in a deep funk for more than a week... which doesn't help the situation. "That guy" in the White House is going to have a tough couple of years ahead. My wife says she doesn't agree, but I can't help but believe there's still a lot of not-so-deeply hidden racism out thee. Let's see what the new guys in Washington do... with anger their substitute for a plan.
Our polling place in San Diego was pretty active on election day. I think the Democrats here were very afraid Meg Whitman would become governor, so a good number turned out to vote.