Friday, February 18, 2011

As we sit tonight anchored somewhere in the lower Chesapeake Bay waiting our turn to load at a dock, the crew, including myself is glad to be back in phone/internet/TV range.
All is right with the world.

We're so damn spoiled.

I just walked out on the back deck and was greeted with this HUGE moon, it seemed to be sitting right on the stern. ( The picture does it no justice.)

Anyway, we're glad to be sitting motionless for a change.
Overall it was a nice 8 day trip up from Puerto Rico. As usual, these trips have at least a few sloppy weather days thrown in, and this one was no different.
We had 3 or 4 days in a row with significant sea conditions, just uncomfortable enough to get on your nerves after a while. Here's a journal entry that shows I've had about enough.

2/13/11 About 350 miles east of Cuba.
"This steel tug is nothing but a echo chamber. 10-12 ft seas slamming every loose shackle and chain we have against the steel hull, like a crazy man outside with a sledge hammer.
Day 3 of this roller coaster, sleep hard to come by. A walk through the galley, tipsy on the moving deck, like town drunks leaving a bar after a 2 day bender. Can't wait to shower without holding on."

Don't get me wrong, It wasn't "Perfect Storm" rough, just "Pain in the ass" rough.
More annoying than anything.


slommler said...

Glad you are back in "civilization" as well. I would "die" without my internet! Ha!! I hate when it goes down for more than 30 minutes!! So I would go mad on your ship! Ha!
Welcome back!

Karen said...

That's enough for me to never ever want a job that requires ocean travel. I love the water, swim like a fish.. but don't throw me out there in the rough ocean seas -

Although you do get to see some awesome beauty out there on the ocean and I sure do enjoy your pictures.

Sandy said...

I am a little confused. Are you on the tug or barge? Is there crew on both? Thanks


Marilyn said...

Welcome back, I wondered where you were. The moon has been amazing the past few nights. Love your photo. However, I wouldn't much like those waves up on deck, no way.

Mark said...

To answer your question, there are 6 of us on the tug, and 2 guys live on the barge. ( I hope they get along!)

beth said...

that was a true full moon....

it was huge here. enough so that my son sent me a text asking if somehow it was fake. he's 19 and totally cracked me up with that....just like he did {with the same innocence} when he was 5.....that kid !

Joey said...

Ok - you lost me on that last pic. Nope! No boating for me in THAT!!!! But your last few posts have me nosey. How often do you get home? Do you go out for, like a week and then get to go home for a few weeks? ALways curious how the other half lives! Or maybe you're not the other half but how "others" live!

And BTW - I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Don't know what's wrong but hope to get back at it soon. Thanks for following!

Megan said...

too bad you couldn't have stopped by for dinner on Friday night. You were *so close!*

I do think of you often when I travel on Shore Drive near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnell. I go over a bridge at one point where I can always see lots of barges. There are always 6+ within sight right there at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.