Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 years ago last month my wife and I
were house hunting.

We walked into the sample home
of the development we now call home
and I instantly fell in love with the house,
the main attraction being the cathedral ceiling
in the living room.

For the past week
at any given moment during the day
I could be heard mumbling
to any dog or cat who happened to be in the vicinity
"I hate cathedral ceilings."
Yep, that's correct,
we've been painting.

20 years ago when I was a nimble 35 years old
and saw that open space beauty
I didn't take into consideration that 20 years later
I would need the flexibility of a
Cirque du Soleil performer
to accomplish this painting task.

I think it turned out quite well.

I'm kidding.

Oh, but I hate cathedral ceilings.


beth said... know they have people you can hire to do that for you. just saying :)

Alison said...

Yep, in another 20 years you'll have to hire someone I guess! But hey, good job. :-)

slommler said...

Ha! Hey...I love your wall art! So cool!! And I have tall ceilings too and I will hire it out, thank you very much! Too high for me for sure! Yours' looks terrific!

Janney said...

Nimble 35 year old? I'm 32 and I don't feel nimble... good to know things get harder from now on lol. And is that a blob of paint on the light?(cheeky grin) Good job though :)

Karen said...

ooh, but you did such a good job. And uh... yeah.. what Beth said.

Michael said...

And the color is so pretty!

Marilyn said...

We use to have ceilings that looked much like that and I learned to hate them too.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Silly you, You'd given me a call and I came in with paint and brushes. I'm am the best painter when it comes to house. Maybe I need to switch carreers?
Love to workout like that. Even get's better when places are hard to reach.
But must say you did a great job.
Hugs D.