Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you know what drives me nuts?
Today's gas pumps.

Your familiar with the "Self Service" pumps, right?
The idea is to slip right in, get out of your car,
quickly plug in the hose, suck up a few gallons and be on your way.

But nooooooooo.
These days, you get out of your car, insert your credit card and remove card quickly,
and then

Debit card? Yes/no
rewards card? Yes/no
enter zip code.
receipt? Yes/no

It's raining out. Why do I need to take a survey just to buy some gas?

I can imagine what's next.

Favorite color?
Do you own a home? Yes/no
Stephen Tyler of Simon?
Mac or PC?
Bush or Obama?

Why the test? I just want to buy some over priced gas and be on my way.


Karen said...

Well, you're lucky you don't ever have to pump gas out of our little town's main station.. besides all that... it's the slowest pump ever used in the entire universe, I'm sure.PLUS.. the little gadget that holds it so you don't have to continuously squeeze the handle? It's stripped.. so you ahve to continously squeeze the handle... for like, two hours.

beth said...

oh you big whiner.
you forgot carwash yes/no
and hey we can't complain after what karen wrote.....

slommler said...

Ha!! And you also forgot your blood type??