Thursday, June 23, 2011

I heard eagles are the only bird
that doesn't seek shelter when it rains,
instead, they soar high above the clouds
to get out of the rain.

Yes, I do know this is not an eagle

I need your opinion, if you have one.
I use Firefox.
Do you?
Do you like it?
I'm hearing rumors
it's not the way to go.

What do you use?
Do you like it?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Jerral Miles said...

First, I like your birds... eagles or not. Second, I have both Firefox and Safari... I use Safari mostly, but occasionally when I'm in the middle of something with Safari and want to check something without closing leaving the WEB site (I use two monitors... an extravagance not warranted maybe, but after all, I'm retired and can be excused for redundancy... or not... anyway, the short answer made way too long already is that I prefer Safari for regular use but don't have a thing in the world against Firefox. How's that for equivocation?

slommler said...

Great pis by the way!!
And I use Firefox and love problems to speak off. The only changes they have made I don't like is that I can't save my tabs like I used too but they just changed that. So now I am happy!! All of my fav places can now be made into an app tab. Love that!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I use Safari .....sorry no help here! Have a great weekend!

beth said...

i'm a mac girl....all the way :)

oh, that means safari, which actually though, i think is now snow leopard or something after an upgrade :)

Donna said...

Mac girl - and Safari!

Marilyn said...

Firefox is what I use. Most of the time it is OK.