Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I never thought much about it before, but the Blog world is pretty much a woman's arena.

Sometimes my presence here is like...well, it's like a feeling I would get if I walked into the woman's room by accident.
The same feeling I'd get if I arrived at a wedding shower, unannounced and not invited.

The Blog world is like "Ladies Night" every night. I scanned my blog list and out of the roughly 25 blogs I follow, only two are written by people have never bought something at Victoria Secret for themselves. Two guys out of 25.

Even though posts are written generally for everyone, when I read something, I somehow feel it is written just for me.

So, imagine my surprise when I read Beths blog titled "boobs", where she told me to be sure to get my breasts examined.

Yep, sometimes it really is "Ladies Only" night.


Karen said...

Oh, now Mark... are you trying to say you have never bought something for yourself at Victorias Secret? I'm not saying you actually WORE the purchase... I'm just sayin.

slommler said...

Ha!!! And men should get their breasts examined at least once in their is such a treat!! Right ladies???

Joey said...

Think of yourself as the elephant in the room...

Diahn said...

Maybe it's often ladies night, but it sure is nice to have a man's perspective in the room! I love hearing about engine rooms and underwater boat inspections, myself...

Formerly known as Frau said...

Think of it as the inside scoop into our world and I think of it as something to talk to my hubby about without mentioning the mundane things about my day. There's your stories,I follow a few others that talk Sports only and Stay at home's interesting hearing other views. But I can see why Boobs in the title would apply to!

Melinda Owens said...

It's unanimous. All of us blabby females are so glad you're here. Are you kidding me? A merchant seaman who blogs about everything from the Olympics to singing show tunes in the engine room of a boat? A man among men. We need your voice, dude. Otherwise, we'd talk about boobs all day. :)

Dawniepants said...

Lol mark you will be pleased to hear I have never bought anything at Victoria Secret. Mainly because we don't have them in Ireland.