Friday, July 22, 2011

How come every boat I go on has air conditioner problems in the summer?
Oh yeah. We only use it in the summer.

It's supposed to be 108 degrees in New York today, where the boat I'm on sits, melting in the scorching heat. That is "Hell Hot."
The heat index is "Can't Breath."

I have a great test to see if a future son-in-law is worth keeping.
We tried it.
A few weeks ago, one of our cats, had to be put down.
I was working,( of course ), my kids were not around and my wife was by herself ( of course)
So, at 1030 at night, she called Jim, our future son-in-law, to go with her to the vet.
That was test #1. He passed, because he did go with her.

So, by the time they got home, it was around midnight, too late to bury our cat, but my wife asked Jim if he could come back in the morning to give her a hand digging a hole in the woods on our property. ( My wife is still recovering from a broken ankle, digging is not an option.)

So here comes Jim at 6:30 in the morning and he goes out and digs the hole.
Why couldn't I stop laughing when I heard this story from my wife?
This digging takes place about 4 weeks before Jim is to officially become a member of our family.
Can you imagine what was going through his mind as he was digging this hole at sun up?

Yeah, I think he passed the test.


SueAnn said...

He sure did pass!!! With flying colors!! Ha!!
Hope your ac gets back to top working order soon!! This heat is awful...but I will take it over the freezing winter we just went through!
For Sure!!!

Marilyn said...

I would definitely say he passed the test. What a good son-in-law.