Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I walked outside the tug today
as we were traveling from Corpus Christi to Houston, TX
and was reminded immediately
of a land far far away from here.

I never would have thought a view
of the Texas coast
would remind me exactly of the view I saw
while taking in the spender of those famous cliffs in Ireland called
"The Cliffs of Moher."

I immediately back peddled
and grabbed my camera
because I wanted to share with you what I saw
as I stood in County Clare Ireland a few years ago with my wife and
oldest daughter
overlooking this majestic natural wonder.

Tears almost came to my eyes,

because I had just traveled 3,280 miles
for this opportunity to see Ireland's most famous tourist attraction,





like this!

I never did see the Cliffs.
We were standing in the thickest fog bank
I ever saw.

I'm not complaining
it just sounds like it.

I'd go back in a minute.


Jerral Miles said...

Perfect... You can't improve on that bit of writing.

SueAnn said...

Ha!!! Hope you do get to go back and actually see the cliffs.
PS The new word verification sucks!!

Karen said...

oooh, what a tease!

dcpeg said...

You really had me going there. I could hardly to scroll down to the anticipated picture. Can't imagine any similarities between Corpus Christi Texas and the lush Erin Iles!

Patrick said...

I had that very same view on day one of my trip there. For that reason, on day five, with about two hours to spare befoe our return flight, we sped back to the Cliffs and we were very glad we did. It was a clear day. Of course we heard our names being paged in the airport just before the plane departed without us, but it was well worth it!