Sunday, February 19, 2012

What a story.

A few years ago the woman's PGA tour was making a stop not far from where I live.
I'm a casual golfer, so I thought it would be fun to go and see these professional golfers who, unlike myself, can hit 3 consecutive balls without ending up in the woods.

We found a great location to set up camp along the 10th fairway where we would be watching the ladies hitting their 2nd shots into the green.

It was a warm summer day but it was raining slightly, so I had an umbrella with me.
As I stood there under my umbrella waiting for the next ball to land in the manicured fairway, I heard and felt a ball hit my umbrella before it careened off into the rough.
It woke me up but I was unharmed.

Flash forward a few years.
My cousin's son is at a men's PGA event, standing alongside the 18th fairway.
His name is Chris Logan.

Chris Logan got hit IN THE HEAD that day with a golf ball.
He's so lucky.
Ironically the ball that found his noggin was hit by one of Chris's favorite players on tour, Sean O'Hare.
Direct hit to the temple. Knocked him off his chair.
I think if you were to ask Sean O'Hare about it, he would say he's glad he did it.

Chris Logan is so lucky it wasn't raining. Because if it had been raining, he probably would have been standing there with an umbrella and the ball presumably would have careened off into the rough, instead of nailing him in the side of the head.

Lucky for Chris it was a hot humid day, no umbrellas needed.
Lucky for Chris, Sean O'Hare still tends to slice a shot every now and again.
Did I mention that Sean O'Hare possibly saved Chris's life that day?

The best thing that ever happened to Chris Logan was that Sean O'Hare left his club face a little open on that shot on the 18th on July 4th, 2010.

The tournament emergency medical people came to Chris, because they feared a concussion. While they were checking him out, one of the techs noticed a lump on Chris's throat, unrelated to the ball hitting him in the temple. They suggested to Chris to ask his doctor about it, just to be sure.

It's a good thing he did. It turns out the lump was a malignant tumor on his thyroid.
It was caught very early and in the following 6 weeks he had 2 surgery's.
Today Chris is cancer free.

The next summer, 2011, the tour came roaring back through Chris's neighborhood again.
At this point, Sean O'Hare had heard about what happened to Chris, basically because Chris had become a media sensation with his story being picked up nationally by the likes of ESPN and the Golf Channel.

It was set up that Chris would get to meet his favorite player Sean O'Hare.
When they met, Sean said to Chris, "sorry."
Chris said, "thank you."

Some people just get all the luck.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Wow, quite a story. Oh dear, I see you still have the awful double word verification. I can't even read these things!!

Marilyn said...

What a story. Good to hear he is doing well now.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow awesome story! And great news he is cancer free! Love happy ending stories like this one!

beth said...

talk about being in the right place at the right time...or that everything happens for a reason !!

thank god he is cancer free !!

lenworth scully said...

Sometimes, all we need it a little bit of luck..nice story.

SueAnn said...

Amazing!!!!That is incredible

Jerral Miles said...

Good story... I like it...

Zorana said...

Oh, what a story! And I used to get annoyed when my mom would say that in every bad thing that happens there is something good.... never could really see it.