Saturday, February 18, 2012

World Peace?

I'm thinking of changing my name.
Something cool, a name that rolls off the tongue.
Mark Finucane's a mouthful.

I'm thinking about this because I was watching a NBA game last night and I heard the announcer say, "World Peace for 3...and it's good."
World Peace was Ron Artest last season.
This season his name is World Peace.
World Peace?
Really Ron.

Talk about going the extra mile. "Ron the Artist" would have been appropriate.
"Don't Arrest Me", would work if you're thinking outside the box.
World Peace? Where in the world did that come from?

Chad Johnson, a NFL wide receiver changed his name a few years ago, to his number.
Then he got all Salsa on us and pronounce those numbers in spanish, for some strange reason.
That's when Ochocinco was born. His number is 85. Get it?
No, he is not hispanic. I'm confused also.

I thought Ochocinco was the craziest thing I heard until World Peace started dropping 3's.


Anyway, my wife sent me back to work this hitch with the remaining Valentine candies.

Along with that, she threw in a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.
It's 1 am right now, my eyes are wide like goldfish and my resting heart rate is about 90.
I have no idea why.


Alison said...

Oh Mark, you always make me laugh - or think! And what happens when World Peace is struck out?

SueAnn said...

Ha!!! World Pesce?? I have no idea!! As for your heart rate.,..I suggest some warm milk now!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Too funny! Seriously World Peace! Love chocolate covered Expresso beans....but only in the early day!
Hope you get a nap in sometime today!

Karen said...

Back away from the espresso beans slowly... with your hands up. Don't reach for the remaining truffle either.

LOL.. I had no idea about the name changing, that's just craziness.

Thanks for the laugh today,'re a regular Dave Barry! I'm telling ya! You know who he is, don't ya?

Debi said...

I have no idea what's up with these crazy names children are given these days or the names adults are changing their names to. Makes me wonder, what were they thinking at the time.

clairedulalune said...

Hello Mark, i'm chuckling away here, you always make me laugh! How are you, hope you are well! Those coffee beans, they will do that, lethal but yum! All the best!

dcpeg said...

I dig the new name! Every time it's shouted out we'll be reminded of a good thing.

Now, as for coming generations of Peaces: World Peace Jr. or the second or what?

I wanted to bite my computer screen when I saw those candies! Spent most the afternoon in the local E.R. and could really use some CHOCOLATE!!!!

Marilyn said...

Funny! If I gave those to my husband, he would be in the hospital.