Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Golf is a uniquely technical game.

A game of inches.

A game played with the latest
high tech equipment.

Many people treat their clubs
like family.

Bags are restocked with balls and tees.

Their clubs are pampered.

Not mine.

Mine sat in the garage all winter
a haven for mice.

A home for spiders.

Today I dusted off those rusty sticks,
wiped off the cob webs
and hit the links with my 2 brothers and a close friend.

My score reflected
the lack of love I show my clubs.
But it was fun.


dcpeg said...

I think guys just get dressed up in spikes and haul their golf equipment to the course for "guy time". Some are rabid about low scores, but I think most don't really care how they score.

SueAnn said...

Ha! My father was a golf lover too!
He really enjoyed the game. The clubs lived in the trunk of his car. Which meant that during the winter they just laid there...unloved and unused. Ha!
He pulled them out in the spring and gave them a good clean and polish and off he would go.
He just loved the game.
He is missed.

Joey said...

I bet if you took really good car of the'd still get that same score!! So don't sweat the small stuff!!! LOL!