Thursday, March 22, 2012

The morning after our family's St. Patty's day celebration, we were invited to the home of my cousin Eileen and her husband Dale's house for breakfast. Many of the cousin's who attended the party the previous night were in attendance, drinking coffee and eating pancakes before heading home.

To say their property is gorgeous would be understating the obvious. While some family members relaxed with Eileen in the kitchen, Dale took the rest of us on a impromptu tour of his property.

I'm told the solar panels on their barn handle all of the "juice" needed to electrify their home.

Dale showed us his gardens, complete with rows and rows of garlic and a green house he built.....well, just because he can. The patio's and stone walls were unbelievably impressive. At one point he took us over to see the ponds and waterfalls he put in.......just because he can.
It was at this point I started getting annoyed. I mean really, is there any thing you can't do Dale?

As we walked around I started getting a bad feeling. I noticed the look. The look on my wife's face that said, "I can't wait to get home to start digging in our yard and gardens."
She was seriously motivated by the work Eileen and Dale have done. I must admit, so was I. Their home should be a show home.

During the tour, Dale mentioned he had moved the space where he does pottery from the barn to the main house. Excuse me? You're a potter too? Now he's just pissing me off.
It's obvious Dale and Eileen are artists. It's just that their canvas stretches over many acres. I had a wonderful visit.

Today is day 4 of our yard work. I have Dale to thank.

I walked outside this morning with my coffee and was greeted by a hazy, foggy morning. Perfect way to start another day of garden work.

Thanks Dale!


SueAnn said...

Ha!! Too funny! Dale's house is impressive...I can see why it pissed you off...since he did all the work. Me I hire out!! Ha!!
My yard is still in progress for sure.

beth said...

funny how just a little bit of motivation {jealousy} can make us change/do a few things so we can enjoy our yard, too :)

and yes, their place looks amazing !!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow Dale's place is amazing! I can see how it would be motivating to garden also! Love the fog shot...I have never been able to capture fog!

Anonymous said...

Have you started on the stream and ponds yet?

Jerral Miles said...

au naturel... Has it all gone too far to try again to talk her into going back to that. I really like the look of your trees with swing... in the fog... Wow!

momto8 said...

what a beautiful place! wow..
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.