Thursday, September 13, 2012

Relocation, The FBI, and vegetables.

My wife and I are living in what many call the "empty nest."
It's not like we're sitting around in sweaters
watching "The View."

With 5 cats and 2 dogs
( we've scaled down )
it seems like the house is still full.

Anyway, we've been lucky.
For the last few years
all 3 of my girls have been out of the house
but within striking distance,
if you know what I mean.

One was in college just an hour away.
One is married and living just 40 minutes away.
One has been living in DC, which is a 2 hour ride down I 95.
No problem.
I saw each of them at least once a month.

But within the last few months
all that has changed.

In July, Keely, having just graduated college
with a teaching degree,
made the move out to Phoenix, Arizona.
She's teaching kids from K to 6th art.
She seems to be settling in nicely.

Erin, who works at ONE
is leaving DC for Brussels, Belgium,
setting up a ONE campaign throughout the EU.
She leaves tomorrow.

Bryn, my married daughter
is the only one left
that is still within striking distance.

For her, that's good and bad.
Good, because she will be the beneficiary
of many home cooked meals and dinners out.
Bad, because she is the only family member left
within striking distance
that we can call on to watch the 5 cats and 2 dogs
when my wife and I decide to pick up and go.
( sorry Bryn )

An Alumni based Penn State group
issues a study critical of the Freeh report.
I'm shocked.
Let's see, who should I believe is more competent
at investigations?
The former head of the FBI or some Penn State alumni?
Hey Penn State alumni in that group,
Please take your Nittnay Lion bumper stickers
and go home and SHUT UP.
You're embarrassing. 

I hate brussels sprouts.


Karen said...

I hate em too.

You must be so proud of your daughters, wow, all three doing so well, YOU DONE GOOD!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats for all your girls....
Your Az girl...omg what a trade humidity for Africa Hot...but awesome mexican food!
So excited for your daughter going to Belgium...I hope she has huge success with One project. And what a great place to visit her! Start saving your miles!
Your local gal...someday babysitting grandkids fair trade! Exciting times has they grow...such beautiful daughters you have.

Jerral Miles said...

Education was my way of making a living for a long time, and I can readily see from Keely's wall that she is a first rate teacher. Your girls are obviously citizens of the world... Good show, Mom and Pop!

Donna said...

what beautiful girls in your life -and that, obviously, includes their mom too!
Isn't it gratifying when 'adult kids' do exactly what you taught, and prayed, they would do - lead their own productive lives!!
Job well done!

Joey said...

Beautiful family, Mark! Sad face though. :(

BUT - you DO crack me up! Brussell Sprouts? You haven't LIVED...