Friday, September 14, 2012

The terror continues

As we Americans were once again coming to grips with the memory of 9/11, 4 more American heros were killed by a radical mob in Libya.
There was a service held today for those four Americans as their remains arrived back on U.S. soil at Andrews Airforce base in DC.

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and 3 others were killed serving our country in a country they loved. By all accounts, the presence of Ambassador Stevens in Libya made that country a better place and gave those people reason to hope for a better future. He was killed in Libya but not by the people of Libya. Rather, they were killed by a group of crazed radicals and the true people of Libya are embarrassed by this senseless act.

Those four Americans were proud members of the tight knit family called the State Department. Hilary Clinton is the head of that distinguished group of Americans. My opinion, for what it is worth is, that the best thing to happen to our country was that Hilary could become the Secretary of State. I think she is a huge reason the worlds opinion of the United States has improved a thousand times over. It's obvious she loves her job, is loved by the people who work for her and I bet she takes this terrorist act personally.

At the service today which was attended by the President and the Vice President, she spoke first. She did a beautiful job of trying to comfort the family members and I could sense her hurt and her anger. Next President Obama spoke eloquently, and when finished he stepped back behind the podium next to Hilary. Hilary, in a very informal move, reached across to grab the Presidents hand, while fighting back tears. That little move spoke volumns to me about the respect those two have for each other.

During the President's words of condolences, he said, "We will bring to justice those who harm Americans."
These weren't the hollow words we heard for years from the previous administration. For those who doubt this President's resolve, see Osama bin Ladin.

The radicals responsible for killing four American's as they served their country, are probably celebrating their despicable cowardly act. But they better put a cork in the Champagne bottle and run and hide. To use tug boat lingo, "Dude! You screwed up."

Two of the Americans killed were ex Navy Seals. They're a pretty tight group. One served as a Seal for 20 years. If they don't understand the seriousness of what that means, please see Osama Bin Ladin.

The craziness continues. 


Karen said...

...and please.... see Osama Bin Laden.

Hilary 2016? Yeah. that.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sad event and I hope for swift justice!

Jerral Miles said...

Mark, your tribute to Ambassador Christopher Stevens and to the American Way is eloquent. Many thanks.