Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to the grind

The party's over,
meaning I'm heading back to the boat
and work.


Today we hopped on a launch that would
take our crew out to our tug
which is anchored in the Sabine River in Texas.

It was a nice little ride

This is where I would have placed the picture
that I took of our tug and barge as we came up alongside.

But I neglected to take the picture.

Who's glad this election season is almost over?
I like politics
but I'll tell you this.

I don't even care who wins anymore.

( I did already send in my absentee ballot)

My brain has been saturated with Obamacare
and spending and lending.
Swing States and debates, polls and clean coal.
White vote and women vote,
battleground States and Iran.
Roe vs Wade,bailouts, get out the vote,
political emails.
Barrack and Mitt everywhere.

I just want to watch "American Pickers" in peace.


Jerral Miles said...

Wow! You're back on the water... and I feel safer... and better.

imquilternity said...

I totally agree!!

Karen said...

Amen, brother.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Amen and amen!! I am voting today!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Where the heck have you been?

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm clapping and nodding my head agreeing with you! I'm so sick of watching the news! Hope you guys miss this storm I actually hope your wife misses this storm they are talking about. Never fun when hubby is away.

beth said...

oh regards to the election being over already !!!

so back to work, huh ? you must have had a good break...but since i watch my hubby every morning leave for his job, well....i think i know how you feel and also know your break wasn't long enough !!

Marilyn said...

looking forward to it being over too, but I do care who wins. I already voted here, love mail in ballots. I think you care too.