Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7
of this little challenge, the word is

I couldn't wait to check my email today to see how much my inbox had shrunk. With the election over, the only emails I should be reading are from friends, and of course the multitude of mail from Travelzoo and Orbitz that I receive.

I don't mind emails suggesting where I should go on my next trip. They're fun, like little wish lists.

I found out my inbox is pretty much the same, the Dems congratulating me on a job well done, thanking me for my support. I thought I would bask in the glow of victory and read a few. The first one wanted me to add my name to those congratulating President Obama.
Don't they already have my name? They sent me an email. My email is my name.

I opened another, it started by thanking me for my support, which was nice. Then I read the words,
".....but we're not done yet."
Oh no, we're done. Seriously, we-are-done. I'm taking 2 years off, then I'll get geared up for the next race, but for now, I'm done.

I feel like I was running for office. I'm exhausted. But I think I know the reason for my exhaustion.
CNN's John King. Mr. Magic Wall guy.

I hunkered down last night, in my room on the boat about an hour before the polls closed , turned on CNN, pulled up CNN on my computer along with Facebook, ( an ideal place to gloat ) and watched John King perform magic on his interactive map until about 2 am. He's like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Ox, except, well....he was.... in front of a map.
John King can work a interactive map. If you watched him, you know what I mean. He's into it!!

John King can tell you the percentage of people in Dade County florida that voted for Romney and who like chocolate chip cookies, compared to those who voted for Romney and enjoy a Mounds bar.
He was out of control.

He's all over the map,, lets make it bigger,bing.....lets look at 2008, bing, 2009? bing.
Lets look at this state,bing,
 this county,bing
 this precinct,bing
 this neighborhood,bing
 this house on the corner,bing,
 look, we're inside their living room, bing.

I love John King. I think his magic wall is very informative, but at one point I was yelling,
"Someone give John King a sedative!"
He's a very fast talker....and he'll just go on and on and on and on, unless Wolf Blitzer cut him off, which he did on many occasions.
I'm thinking, at the King hitchen table, no one gets a word in edgewise.

Something else worth mentioning is Wolf Blitzer with his,

So, it's all over now. If you are at all into politics, it was an exciting night.
If you voted for President Obama, you're feeling pretty good today.
If you voted for Romney, then you know now how it feels to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Four More Years!


Jerral Miles said...

Mark, I'm not likely to find any better writing than this for a long time... unless I find it on your BLOG. Seriously, (and I was already being serious) you've got to consider writing a play... you know, drama, theater... maybe a verse play. As Hamlet said, "Speak the speech, I pray you... trippingly on the tongue."

Karen said...

You really are a WRITER, dude. Get off the boat when you're ready and go write for someone. You've got a gift!

I couldn't stand it after a while.. the King/Big Wall performance. I swear he must have been working on that for weeks..repetition, speed, fact memorizing, etc. etc. etc.

Now if only someone could shut Donald Trump up. Atleast delete his twitter and FB accounts!


Formerly known as Frau said...

I love CNN they were pretty jacked up ! I need a break from the news and FB gloom and doom posts from Romney fans! I was most excited to see my 18 year old daughter really get into it...her play by play tweets cracked me up. I think it's great to have the youth be interested and really know the issues.

Have a great day!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I am a Cleveland Browns fan....enough said!!!

Donna said...

Like the 'selfie' as reflection!
And SO appreciate feeling DONE with the whole process. (Excited but done). I can't begin to imagine how emotionally exhausting it must be to actually run for office in this country. Willingness to enter the fray should be viewed as a form of mental illness and automatically disqualify a candidate! :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Okay this is some way out of my league. I agree with my fellow followers, good writing and as Karen said: get of that boat.
But fans of clubs I don't know, or at least don't have a clue on 'which side' they belong???
Well as much as I love your side of the world and feeling connected to it as if I was personaly born there this is were I'm lost. So happy times to you who are happy and sorry for you who're not.
Hugs Dagmar
note on the side: I'm on the happy side.