Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A different shutter speed

I never thought much about the shutters on my house before.
Actually, they're called shutters
but they don't do a thing except house nests of bees.

They serve no purpose.
they don't block the wind or the rain.
I can't close my shutters because they are nailed to the house.
Why have shutters on a house if you can't shut out something?

These are shutters!

These are not, but I thought it was really cool.

I want a roof like this.

Do you have shutters that ...shut?


Anonymous said...

We don't have shutters on the windows in our current home. I say who needs them, unless you are trying to keep a hurricane out. They can be far too much maintenance and at our age that's just not a cool thing.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

A long time ago, I lived in an old farm house that had working shutters. We would occasionally close them in a bad storm.

Like yours, mine only seem to collect bees nests.

beth said...

shutters hère don't shut....they're just decorative on the front of houses put there to make windows look larger and framed...

BUT in the "land that i love" many of the cottages have shutters for protection in case of a hurricane.... the photos

sharon oler said...

Loving the photos, however the photo on the side of the house of what seems to be a young child? I'd love to know about that? Advertisement ? Thank you for the pics! I miss Europe so much after living there for four years...... I still have dreams about it 30 + years later!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

What an interesting group of photos, capturing all those shutters. Ah, the charm of an old stone cottage with shutters.
We definitely do not have and do not need shutters in our part of the country. I guess they are decorative on certain house styles but, like my sister said, they are a lot of maintenance.

Marilyn said...

No shutters here, but I love the shutters in France and the doors too. Wouldn't mind having a roof of tiles too.