Saturday, July 13, 2013


As I mentioned in yesterdays post, Delaware Action for Animals went into full attack mode in response to a simple question my wife asked concerning PETA, and their kill shelters.

Today, more shots were fired from my new friend Bob, further convincing me that DAA is run by a unprofessional arrogant smart ass.

He stooped to calling her names. He called her...... an animal activist!
Aren't you supposed to be a animal activist Bob? Aren't we all on the same team?
I'm confused.
Oh, we still haven't received an answer to the simple question posed at the beginning of this little skirmish,
which was, "I heard peta had kill shelters, is it true."

The lectures, the condescending tone, the anger, the name calling, (AN ACTIVIST! How dare you?), have answered the question. ( Not to mention NBC News and others)
PETA has kill shelters.

Anyway, today Bob brought in backup. Her name is Laura. I guess Laura's job is to reply to people who ask the question, "Does PETA have kill shelters?"

Laura, though much less wordy than Bob, can throw a left hook with the best of em.
It begins, "Hi mary Ellen :)"
She put a smiley there after Ellen, now that's just not playing fair.

Her first sentence reads, "Delaware Action for Animals has no specific opinion regarding PETA."
Well that's comforting. An animal action group has no opinion on whether or not the great and mighty PETA has kill shelters. Hmmm
She went on to suggest how we might make better use of our time, rather than asking a question that tarnishes the shine of the great PETA organization.
Are these people animal rights people or life coaches? I've gotten more helpful hints from these guys over the last 2 days than I could get from Doctor Phil.

Anyway, I've been put on lock down. Since these emails were written to and from my wife, I'm restricted from getting personally involved. She doesn't want it to look like I'm fighting her battle. I get it.  After reading the 2nd arrogant email she received from my friend Bob today, I called her on the phone and begged,
" Please, I wanna play."

I'm still in lock down.


Karen said...

Let him loose, Mary Ellen :-)

nacherluver said...

I vote with Karen!

Why are these people so off track with their answers?


they're trying to hide something, perhaps????

Jerral Miles said...

I'm guessing... of course, I don't know, but Bob and his hired gun are probably in it for the money. It'd be interesting to know salaries of the people in these particular, undoubtedly, not-for-profit organizations. Let him in, Mary Ellen.

Anonymous said...

Aww, come on, Mary Ellen... if I put a smiley face behind your name will you let him in? :)

Mary Ellen :) :) :)

Marilyn said...

I hope Bob reads your posts.

Donna said...

Very surprised to hear about this aspect of PETA...
even more surprised that your wife won't let you step up to the cause - you're a terrific advocate! Sounds like a few folks need to be taken down a peg.
Go for it!