Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Cable Guy

Four days ago I switched  from Comcast to Verizon,
so I can enjoy my guilty pleasures
with a much clearer picture
a much faster internet
and a digital voice.

They say the service is much improved
and the customer service is top notch.

I got the "Triple Play" package.
It had a nice ring to it.

I tried to only purchase the internet and TV portion of the package
but it turns out it is cheaper to get the "Triple Play"
than it is to just purchase the internet and TV
portion of the package.

Ever since I had my new service installed,
my phone has stopped working.

I didn't even want the land line,
but since they forced me to buy it
I would like for it to work.

I can vouch for the Verizon customer service team,
since I have talked with every member twice a day
for the last 4 days.

They are very polite
and apologize profusely everytime I talk with them,
but my phone
that I didn't want in the first place
still doesn't work.

I've just been informed by Verizon
via text to my cell phone
that a cable guy will be visiting me today to fix my problem.
They say he will be here sometime before 9PM.
It's now 8 am.

I guess it could be worse.
They could have said he'll be here some time between now
and next Monday.
Instead, I only have 13 hours to wait until he shows up
with his utility belt full of wire ties and cable crimpers.

I would like to call all my friends
and tell them how wonderful Verizon is,
but my phone doesn't work.


SueAnn Lommler said...

LOL!!! That is sooooo the way of the future!! Sad!
Good uck

Anonymous said...

The only service we have ever used that worked properly is our current provider, Netflix, for our computers and movies, and land line. I can honestly say that no other provider has been as great as Ntelos who is a small, local company. The big guys are just that... TOO BIG!

beth said...

i love verizon for my cell service....but had no idea they were part of the "land" services as well....

i guess i'll stop waiting for you to call :)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

no comment.

Marilyn said...

This just makes me smile. I talked to a cable service for at least an hour and he wouldn't give me a definitely cost, then I call my phone company and they disconnected the call. It just irritates me completely to deal with these sort of things. Thus we don't have cable TV or satellite service.

Jerral Miles said...

Perfect picture of the brave new world.