Tuesday, September 3, 2013


About a year ago we took my daughter Erin out to dinner 
in her neighborhood in Washington DC,
to celebrate and say goodbye 
before she headed off to Brussels Belgium  to do a one year stint as 
Campaign Manager for ONE.

I remember saying to her 
"This year is going to fly bye, so try to enjoy it."
Well, I was wrong.
It didn't really go that fast for her parents
if you know what I mean.

Her living in Brussels
gave my wife and I the excuse for a road trip,
and that will be a trip not soon forgotten.

She did her time,
the gig is up and this Thursday
she arrives back in the States.

I remember years ago as a parent
taking those family vacations.
Those brutal 24 hour road trips to Florida in a mini van with 3 young girls
 had me fantasizing at times about when we would be able to take a trip,
adults only.

Now, with my girls grown and on their own
I think about when the next time will be where we can all be in the same room together.
It doesn't happen much any more.
The last time that happened was 9 months ago, 
when we all met up for the Christmas holidays on a beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

When we're all together it's usually a subdued gathering
with serious talk about serious issues,
something like this.

and this......

This Thanksgiving will be the next time we all get together
in one place to solve the problems of the world.
Serious conversations will be held,
something like this.


Karen said...

If we could all communicate as well as you and your girls do, the problems would be solved. :-)

Janney said...

Nice post :)

Joey said...


Marilyn said...

Oh I glad she didn't meet someone over there and decide to stay. Guess there will be more traveling around to see your girls. Nice pictures.

Donna said...

Clearly no one needs to tell you, Mark, what a lucky man you are for having four lovely ladies in your life! But you do - and you are!

Jerral Miles said...

Beautiful family... all.

pramod negi said...

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beth said...

ohhhhhh you are so blessed. i hope "my year" flies by as we are missing our daughter so very very much :(

YEAH for you and your daughter !!!!