Saturday, November 9, 2013

A new look

The company that bought our tug fleet
sent the new signs to be hung on our tugs.

It's been like a set change during a Broadway play around here lately.
Close the deal.
Put the new colors on the boat.
Hang the new sign,
and it's like the old sign was never there,
like the old orange and black paint was never there.
Like the speeches of "We are like a family"
never was spoken.
"We are the company of choice"
was their mantra that we heard until we wanted to puke.

So, let's go hang a sign.
The Captain was the only one who would volunteer
to stand in a net that hung from a crane on the barge.

So, just like that,
with a few brush strokes of blue over orange
we have a new identity.

It's like the last 10 years never happened.

If I were being honest,
color scheme aside
that is one ugly tug boat.


sharon oler said...

Mark, that's why he is the Captain! Just kidding! I feel your frustration! Like putting lipstick on a pig, still a pig!

Marilyn said...

Not much to say here. Changes like this are often hard to take. Maybe the blue will grow on you.

Karen said...

LOL.. What Sharon said.

Joey said...

I like the blue!

Jerral Miles said...

With a name that includes "patriot" how can a company go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Change is hard. Words are just words, it's the actions of a company and how they treat their employees that determines how great it is. Good luck!