Friday, January 3, 2014

More snow

The best weather men are these furry friends of mine.
When snow is on the way
these guys eat like crazy.

I can't believe my wife gave them my pistachios. 

And then the snow started.

And it kept coming...

I think this fat guy was appreciative of my efforts
of clearing him a spot where he could eat.

To my friends who were affected by this last winter blast,
stay warm.

To my friends who are now somewhere basking in the sun,
we don't like you much.

Just kidding.


dcpeg said...

Love your bluejay! I'm also envious of your snow. We just got a slight bit, but enough to turn the grass white.

Marilyn said...

How kind of you to clear a spot for that dove. Love seeing your snow. Wish we had a day or two of it, but I will take the few sprinkles and 40 degree days right now. Not basking in the sun, but not sloshing through the freezing snow either. Hope your back is feeling better, so you can shovel a bit.

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of wind over nite, but not a drop of snow... it's cold, so does that mean you still like us? LOL

Janney said...

Basking? more like melting! I feel like jumping into that snow right now...

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

We have a bunch of Doves that hang out or should I say 'pig out'.

I'm suffering through this with you. Did you see my time lapse of the snow? I compressed 800 images over 12 hours into ~10 seconds:

Karen said...

...maybe not kidding.

1 degree this morning. bleh.

Jerral Miles said...

I'm trying to feel it... from a distance. The temperature at our house in San Diego today was 74.
...but we had no beautiful bluejays visiting our porch.