Friday, January 10, 2014

"What DO you eat??"

I was watching the new cooking show last night that has Anthony Bordain on it, the title of the show escapes me at the moment and yes, I am too lazy to google it right now. Basically it is another competitive cook off like many other shows, but I found last nights episode interesting because one of the contestants was a vegetarian.

Maybe it's because I have lived in a vegetarian household for the last 32 years and it all seems so normal to me, but I was once again blown away by the reaction of one of the guest judges when he found out one of the cooks did not eat meat. "You don't eat ANY meat?" He asked this incredulously, as if the woman said she never wears cloths......or she likes hanging around radioactive material on weekends.

This guy is a chef. It surprised me that he found this so odd. Does he realize there are vegetarian restaurants that make a killing serving only good food that doesn't have meat in it?  If he would just google "vegetarian restaurants" and then insert the city of his choice he would be amazed at how normal this woman is these days. On a recent 10 day trip through the south of France we had NO DIFFICULTY finding good vegetarian friendly places to eat. 

I bring this up because I OFTEN get the same reaction that this vegetarian chef got last night. Usually the question that follows is, " Well, what DO you eat?" ( as if I graze pastures like a cow for my meals)

Well, Mr. Chef, here's whats been on my table the last couple of days.

"Dragon Pasta"
 Black Rice pasta with a tangy Asian peanut sauce
topped with bean sprouts
and barbecued seitan with Kale.

Tomato and mozzarella pizza. 
 Fresh tomato and mozzarella pizza
with pesto, capers and a drizzle of 
balsamic vinegar  on a chewy crust.

Stir fry tofu
Braised tofu on a bed of rice
smothered in a vegetable stir fry. 

Maybe my wife should invite said chef over to the house.
She could teach him a thing or two.


beth said...

the show is "taste" and we didn't watch the last season of it, but are kind of "into it" for this season.

what did you think when the vegetarian actually tried her chicken? we thought that was funny. "you don't taste the food you make" and ludo walks away shaking is head….LOL

anyway…we eat meat. yup, lots of it in fact. could i be a vegetarian?…..well, i'm not sure i could give up my chicken, but otherwise, yes.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I saw that it was on last night and couldn't bring myself to watch one more cooking competition show. And I think Anthony Bourdain is rhymes with hick. There, I said it....almost.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I think Anthony is a pretty interesting guy, but I have not seen this show - I'm not a fan of cooking competitions. Food tastes good based on how it's prepared and it is not dependent on meat as an ingredient.

Karen said...

oooh, your wife is a wonderful chef! and, jeez, being a vegetarian is far from a new concept, that dude needs enlightenment.

We eat meat here, but I am horrified by the treatment of animals raised for consumption and try to buy from farms that treat their animals humanely.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I watched too and his reaction was so out of date! Your meals look yummy.....when we lived in Germany I was almost meatless only because it was weird combos. Have a great weekend !

Marilyn said...

Yummo! Everything looks so good, except maybe the tofu. Not much into that. I could definitely eat the pizza and those noodles with peanut sauce. BTW, I don't watch that show.

Jerral Miles said...

oh, Wow!