Monday, April 7, 2014

Just a normal post my lady.

"No my lady," I said when my wife asked if I was going to bed yet.
"Ok my lord", she replied when I explained I was going to watch the end of the NCAA championship game. "Your loss."
We just finished watching 4 episodes of Game of Thrones on demand, before the NCAA championship game began tonight. For some reason  right now I have a hankering to take sword fighting lessons and to call all my female friends "My Lady."

I think my wife and I  should continue to address each other as "My lady" and "My Lord."  It has a nice ring to it.


My daughter Erin, as she swooped through Brussels on a recent business trip, satisfied this guys addiction to chocolate by picking up and giving me a box of Pierre Marcolini Chocolates.
#lovechocolate  #spoileddad  #mylord  #hateheartburn #haveheartburn  #Ithinkpierremarcolinigives mehertburn


American Idol is below par this year.
The NCAA tournament was below par this year.
Pierre Marcolini= above par.
David Letterman = funny, still.


As mentioned, I wasn't as into the NCAA tournament as I usually am.
I guess it just got me mentally ready
for a Phillies season that will surely suck,
and a Eagles season that will surely let most of the city down.
Most of the city doesn't realize that yet,
they're still under the impression
that this team will be good
because our team was successful last year
against all the backup quarterbacks they played against.


FYI...Triscuit Thin Crisps are tasty.
Give em a try.

I'm using some  back issues
I have right now as an excuse
not to exercise.

I'm such a baby.

Tomorrow, that all changes.
Well, maybe. 


My dog Rosie
is staring at me right now
and thinking
"Can we PLEASE go to be now?"
To be clear, Rosie doesn't sleep in bed with me.
That place is only for "My Lady."

Today was day 6 of making it through life without watching cable news.
I'm dumber but happier.

Craig Furguson cracks me up.
Have you ever seen him?
He's quite silly.


I think the 14 pieces of Pierre Marcolini are kicking in.

You may have figured this out, but I started writing this post during the NCAA
championship game.......
it dragged on through the Letterman Show
and now Craig Furguson is on. 

I apologize.

Slow night.


Karen said...

Would you like some alka Seltzer for the chocolate frenzy induced heartburn, My Lord?

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh Belgian chocolates, how wonderful. In our house, My Lord just says, "The game's on." I used to say, "What game?" He would say, "It doesn't matter" or some such thing. Football, basketball, hockey, any game could be on, any given day. But right now, it's all about the Warriors and Giants.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cracking up at your chocolate hashtags. #sodarnfunny
Craig Ferguson is funny. Although, I can never stay up that late, but with my recent sickness and laying around all day, I've been able to catch a bit of the Jimmies. (fallon and Kimmel) I do enjoy them both.

Game of Thrones? Lo and I are obsessed. I never would have thought I'd enjoy so much beheading, blood and boobs. HA!
Have you guys watched The Walking Dead??? Another one with beheading and blood. (no boobs) but equally as enjoyable!

Joey said...

Pretty sure you missed the boat on "your Loss".


NanaDiana said...

Well, Good Lord-er-My Lord-that was quite a post. Don't know if I could go that many days without watching cable news though.

Love Ferguson and Letterman IS still funny (sometimes).

We quit watching when NCAA when Wisconsin lost to KAN-TUCKY. lol

Haven't had Belgian chocolate in years- my loss.

Hope you and Rosie (who I pretty sure DOES sleep with you and My Lady) finally got some sleep.

Have a great Tuesday~

Formerly known as Frau said...

You made me laugh! Every now and than my husband calls me My Lady....I like the ring to that. Chocolate gives me heartburn too....but it's worth it for good chocolate! Hope your back feels better soon!

Jerral Miles said...

Yep! You're a lucky guy!