Monday, May 19, 2014

Rock and Roll with a little Miley thrown in.

I went to a concert yesterday
to celebrate my birthday.
Actually, my birthday was Saturday
but as is the tradition in our family
( started by my kids )
our birthday celebrations are, at a minimum,
Birthday Weekends, and sometimes
Birthday Weeks.

The entertainer I saw is a relative of mine.
He played the afternoon gig at Monaghan's Pub,
an Irish joint just down I 95 from Center City Philadelphia.

His name is Brian Harmer.
You'll be hearing from him.

I just spent way too much time ( google )
trying to figure out if Brian is a "2nd cousin" of mine,
a "1st cousin once removed",
or whatever.

I'm going with, "he's my cousin's kid."
I know this.
He entertained the heck out of me for 3 hours.

His playlist is as diverse as the musicians
who once cruised Tin Pan Alley back in the day.

My wife and I heard Woody Guthrey, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, the Clash, Bruce Springsteen with a smattering of Irish Songs thrown in. 
He played Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball to appease the ladies.
(His niece's)
I am glad to report there was no Twirking involved.

If you have a request just yell it out.
But if you plan to finish your pint of Guiness,
before being shown the door,
DO NOT request a Led Zepplin song.
Just don't.
Just saying.

This 30 year old singer is an old soul,
which is right up my alley.

It was a very nice way to spend an afternoon.
I love watching live music.
The fact that Brian is my cousin, or my 2nd cousin,
or my 2nd cousin twice removed,
well, that just makes it better.


Marilyn said...

First, I must say Happy Birthday, as I am sure you must still be celebrating. At least I celebrate the full month.
Second, How fun just to sit there, or dance a bit in your chair to music played by a talented cousin. Great way to start the celebrating.

Jerral Miles said...

Happy Birthday... Great way to celebrate it.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Sounds like a good time, Happy Birthday! Led Zeppelin is an Irish band, isn't it? ;-)

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Mark...old and wiser I hope. Don't you? Sounds like a fun time . I just call them all cousins. Blessings for a great week, xoxo,Susie

Joey said...


Sounds like a guy I want to listen to!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Mark, as always I love your posts,just catching up on the ones I missed. I giggled over yesterdays Texas post, it remided me of a Bird Box video I've seen. I'm including a link. Not a cow but a wildebeast. Hope you enjoy it.

dcpeg said...

Sounds like you did, indeed, have a very happy birthday. Hurray!

I'm with you on cousins, first, seconds, once/twice removed, etc. No clue except that it's cool to have so much family to enjoy.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, friend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy belated birthday to you my friend. I'm all about birthday 'weeks' around here!
My cousins daughter (23years old) lives near us now. We could not figure out if she was my 2nd cousin or yada yada....also, is she the cousin to my girls? 2nd? 3rd? Finally, she got annoyed with it all, she calls me Aunt Suzanne. HA. So, I call her my niece. It works for us.