Thursday, December 4, 2014

Protest correctly please.

Do you know who the happiest person is in the world tonight because of the protest going on as we speak, in Times Square over the Eric Garner decision? The Mayor of Ferguson.

Now, I don't know what happened that terrible night in Ferguson, other than the fact that a child was killed. Did Michael Brown attack the cop? Was he an innocent victim, another statistic from the result   of a another rogue cop flexing a bit too much? I don't know. There wasn't a video of the shooting.

There was a video when Eric Garner was apprehended by 5 N.Y. cops. As they say, the tape don't lie.
I'm not surprised at all by the outcry I'm witnessing on CNN, the thousands of people protesting in the streets around Times Square. ( I'll get back to that subject in a minute. )

Eric Garner was murdered by a N.Y. police officer. I saw it. I sat there and watched it. Just like I know if a team scores a touchdown, because I'm watching the tape replay. As sure as I am that the Philadelphia Eagles are in first place, that cop killed a guy. They say the choke hold, which killed Eric Garner, has been disallowed in that police force for some time. Then other idiots chime in and say, no, the choke hold with your elbow pointing DOWN is outlawed, the choke hold with your elbow pointing UP is ok. Seriously. How about asking Eric Garner's wife what her feelings are on the "Elbow UP technique.

I don't give a rats ass what Eric Garner was saying to the cops that made them think it was ok to jump him, and then KILL HIM. Since Eric Garner was not pointing a gun at that cop, there is absolutely no reason what so ever for that cop to have MURDERED HIM. 

Eric Garner wasn't selling crack. He was selling single cigarettes to smokers who think the $15 a pack price tag is a bit high, $10 of that being taxes that help pay the salary of the cop who killed Eric Garner.

Now, to my rant on the protesters in New York. Last night as I watched I thought to myself, ok, this is good. A truly peaceful protest, these New Yorkers are going to show the folks in Ferguson, who looted their own stores, how to do a protest. 
That was until I turned on the news tonight. First thing I see is protesters being arrested. And hey people, it ain't the cops fault. Yes, we have the right to protest peacefully. No, we don't have the right to shut down major highways. We just don't. If the police say, "You can't walk down this street, but you can walk down these others streets, then go walk down those others streets. To many young people don't fully grasp the concept of a peaceful protest.

The people who were being arrested tonight, were young people sitting down in front of cars, on a road that the cops wanted to keep open to traffic. Sitting down in the road and singing? Laying in front of cars? They SHOULD be arrested. Some think that PEACEFULLY PROTESTING means I CAN DO WHAT EVER THE HECK I WANT. Hey, stupid people, NO IT DOESN'T. Enjoy your jail time.

On a lighter note

Our Charlie Brown tree on our boat looks awesome.

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