Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Some thoughts....just because.

Endless chatter on TV about the possibility
of Hilary Clinton running for President.

As sure as I am putting up a Christmas tree this year
Hilary Clinton will be running for President in 2016.
So there.

Louis Head, Michael Brown's Stepfather,
issued a statement about his angry reaction to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson.
He obviously disagreed with the decision
when he chanted, "Burn this bitch down......burn this bitch down."
What followed was the citizens of Ferguson
burning their own town down. 
Hmmmm, maybe they should have thought that through a bit more.
Reading the apology Louis Head issued to the media today ....
as sure as I am putting up a Christmas tree this year,
that dude didn't write one word of that statement.

Martin Luthur King once said,
"Riot is the language of the unheard."
I'm a big MLK fan, but I disagree in this case.
No matter what decision the Grand Jury was going to make in Ferguson,
those citizens were going to riot.
They were primed.
They were not "unheard"
they were stupid.

Charles Barkley was interviewed on CNN today.
The subject being Ferguson, race and a host of other hot topics.
As sure as I am putting up a Christmas tree this year
Charles Barkley made more sense and spoke more honestly in a one hour interview
than all the politicians who have been puking verbiage in front of camera's
while visiting Ferguson over the past weeks.

Almost forgot,
the "experts" say
every blog post should be accompanied by a photo.

Here's some applesauce. 

Happy Hump Day


Marilyn said...

Do enjoy your opinions and applesauce too.

beth said...

love how you share YOU with all of us…and the photo cracked me up!! just because it was so random…yet, so you!!!

nacherluver said...

Mmmm! Applesauce!

Karen Ann said...

He's BACK!!!! :-)

Amen, Amen... and Amen again.