Sunday, March 29, 2015

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Some people like basketball....some don't.

Some people like apple pie.....some don't.

Some people like Guinness......some don't.
( I'll never understand that.)


Some people like quiet vacations......some don't.

I found this out a few days ago
when a fellow crew member who had just come back from Harbor Island, Bahamas
 reported to me that he hated it.

I was blown away
but then I realized some people like basketball....some don't.

I felt bad for about 30 seconds.

He came to me about 2 months ago,
knowing I frequently find an excuse to escape to the Caribbean 
and he asked me where I last went.

I told him about Harbor Island.
I then immediately stressed to him that this may be a place
like he has never seen before.

I stressed this is a place you go to
if you want to do basically nothing while on vacation.
Some people like that...some don't.

I stressed to him, this place has no cars, you can't rent one.
If you want to get around to see the Island,
you rent a golf cart.

I stressed to him
if you like pink sand beaches and crystal clear water
you'll love this place.
If not, you'll hate it.
Not a whole lot happening on Harbor Island.
There's more to do on Gilligans Island than there is to do on Harbor Island.
That's what I love about it.

He didn't. 

I had a feeling, when I told him about this place
that he would hate it.
He just didn't seem like the laid back dude an Island like this welcomes.
That's why I kept stressing out.

I informed a friend one time that I was heading to the Caribbean.
His response, "why don't you just go to the Jersey Shore?"

Here's why.....

I recently just finalized a trip my wife and I are going on, to Panama
in June
to celebrate my 60th birthday.

It's a surprise trip.

A surprise I planned for myself.
Didn't want anyone else to have that pressure.

Isla Colon, a 45 minute puddle-jumper flight off the coast of the main land
will make Harbor Island look like Fantasy Island.

And I'll love every sloooow minute of it.


Karen Ann said...

Stunning picture!!! ... I hope you have that framed somewhere...

And those kind of vacations are my kind of vacation.. what I loved about St. John was there was no pressure to do any particular thing other than go sit on the pristine beaches and take it all in. Catch a hermit crab, eat some delicious local food, take a walk.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Sweet! I've only been to the Caribbean once, I need to fix that. Why fly for hours on end when the paradise is just 90 minutes away?

Marilyn said...

I love surprise trips we plan ourselves. That way you get exactly what you want for your birthday.

Jerral Miles said... amazing picture... the clouds... the light water running into the dark line of the ocean... and the amazing figure sitting in the sand. Wow!

Jerral Miles said...

If I forget when the day comes to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mark; don't forget I said it here. Sixty, by the way, ain't so bad. It sure beats the alternative.