Saturday, March 7, 2015

Harvard? Say it ain't so.

I'm not one to brag......BUT, I was published recently. 
Yep....published I say! 
In a magazine!

On the back flap of this particular magazine, right there under the heading, IMAGE CREDITS: is my name, Mark Finucane and yes, they even spelled F-I-N-U-C-A-N-E correctly which in itself is a minor miracle.

I shouldn't be surprised. These folks are quite smart. Did I mention the magazine is called, 
Harvard Design Magazine? That's right people, I just dropped the big "H word" on you.


Not just Harvard. This magazine is published by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Yep....Harvard.....Grad School.........that's how I roll!

Let me tell you how this all came about. One day out of the blue I received an email from a very nice woman who works for this publication. She told me that one of the articles that they plan to run in the upcoming HARVARD DESIGN MAGAZINE has to do with the subject of "ballast water." A google search landed one of my photos in their lap, so they contacted me and asked for my permission to use this particular photo in their magazine. (They work at naturally they have really good manners. I would expect nothing less.)
Have I mentioned that the magazine is called HARVARD DESIGN MAGAZINE?

 As you can see, I gave them permission to publish my photo in HARVARD DESIGN MAGAZINE. I mean really, what did they think I was going to say? "I'll have to think about it, Shippensburg State University and I are in intense negotiations over that same photo?"

"Hell yeah" I told them, "publish away." I even offered to send them my complete iPhoto collection. This is HARVARD we're talking about,  but it seems they were not interested in my family vacation photos.

Just ballast water. I was cool with that.

So, from this point on, I will be associated with Harvard till the end of time. Yep, "I'm published in HARVARD DESIGN MAGAZINE." My name will be linked from now until the end of time with the likes of John Adams, our 2nd president of the United States and one of the "Founding Fathers," and John F may have heard of him. Bill Gates walked the same halls, well, read the same magazine I did.

 Mark Finucane, merchant seaman and ballast water photo journalist, with contributions to HARVARD Design Magazine.

I like the sound of that.
Thanks to Meghan, the Publications Coordinator for Harvard Design Magazine
for letting me use the photos that appear in this post.


Karen Ann said...

Damn. And to think I knew you when :-)

Joey said...

Haaaaa, Karen Ann! Good one!

Mark? I'm speechless! No words. Mouth agape!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Karen took my comment. We knew you when you were just a blogger and happened to work on a boat.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Did they confer an honorary doctorate too? Mark Finucane PhD Ballast Water. That just rolls off the tongue.

Seriously, congrats, I think it's pretty cool.

Jerral Miles said...

I absolutely love
it! I'm connected, however loosely, with a published photographer... in a Harvard publication... Yep, not just any old magazine, but it's a HARVARD publication... and I am delighted that my friend M-A-R-K F-I-N-U-C=A-N-E will probably be contacted before spring commencement exercises to ask if he might consider accepting an honorary degree... or at least if he'd consider coming to take pictures.

John said...

Might this be the type of publicity your employer was wishing to avoid as described in your 31 January post regarding the social media restrictions?

Vicky said...

I picked a great day to do some blog reading- Yay you! That is uber-cool in my book! Harvard, first, geez what next? Congrats!

Marilyn said...

Wondering if this is OK with the boss? Congratulations! You should be able to shout it out.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Man o will you ever fit your head through a door opening now?? I knew you'd go off, get famous and forget about us; the little people who knew you when!!! ;) I love this; so cool and I love that you shared with US. Well, of course you shared-it's HARVARD for heavens sake.
Hey, my cousin who graduated from West Point is NOW about to graduate from HARVARD with his MBA.
Yes. I know.
It's hard to imagine that we have some of the same DNA. :)
Congrats to you!!!

Donna said...

Congratulations! About time your genuis is recognized!