Monday, March 9, 2015

The Sunday Newspaper

The Sunday Paper.

One of life's little joys, wouldn't you agree?

There's something soothing about sitting back and opening this weeks paper
overflowing with ads, circulars and the ever present coupons.

Sitting on the couch with the paper at the ready on your coffee table
screams to all who will listen
"this is my time."

I like to leave it on the table for a few minutes
folded neatly 
while I look at it from a distance
and sip my freshly brewed coffee.

Oh, the anticipation!

Just ignore the fact that almost every bit of news I will read in this weekly periodical
is news I have heard in real time on cable news and the various news outlets on the internet.

It's the PROCESS of reading the paper that matters.

It's best to do this while still wearing slippers,
this re-enforces the fact that 
"I'm here to read the paper...I will not be multi-tasking."

When I'm finished with the paper
I neatly put the paper back together.

Below is a photo of my Sunday paper after I read it.
It waits, neatly, for the next person to open the front page.

Below is a photo of the paper

It looks like she used it as a weapon to fend off burglars.

I've seen week old newspapers on a seat in the subway that looked more appealing.

When she's done with the paper it looks like she's potty training a puppy!

Anyway, there's no better way to start a Sunday than with perusing the paper.

In slippers.


John said...

There is something about orderly, respect for the next usage, tradition. You, Sir are an engineer by nature, through and through. Your respect for objects is commendable, something many others, without this trait, cannot fathom.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

LMAO! I enjoy reading the paper every day, but since I'm the only one who reads it, I don't leave it very neatly.

Meryl Baer said...

No neat papers after hub and I are finished reading. Add a good cup of coffee, and life is good!

Marilyn said...

Oh this makes me laugh! It is the opposite with my husband and I. I leave it neat for the next person and he mixes it up. Must drive you crazy?!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So funny. Opposites attract don't they?
We stopped getting the paper a few years ago because most of what was published seem false.
And no....we aren't crazy/irrational/skeptical people.....but our paper might be. :)

Karen Ann said...

I'm standing over in your wife's corner of the potty trained puppy paper covered newspaper reading room.

Jerral Miles said...

I'm waiting to hear your wife's side of this story. I'm betting she may have a thing or two to say about some other of your "leavings" in other rooms... but I must confess I admire you for delivering the courage of your convictions into writing. Good luck with that.