Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Americans

My normal M.O. when it comes to watching new TV shows
is to join the party
a few years after the pilot has been launched.

It's sort of like making a new recipe
and letting someone else try it first.
You never know, it might suck!

My thinking is
why waste my time trying out a new show
when I can let the rest of you try it on for size first.

When the raves start coming in
that's when  I hop on board.

I'm usually a few years behind.

That's what happened recently
when I was told
"The Americans"
is a show I should be watching.

Have you seen it?

This show has sucked me right in.

Last night my wife and I 
gorged ourselves on a bunch of episodes
from season 1.
( thank you Amazon Prime streaming video )

When we went to bed
I told her I had something to tell her.
I told her this story I have used
for the past 40 years about me being a merchant seaman....
leaving home every 3 weeks for weeks at  a  time...

well, I was visiting the "Center" in the "Mother Land."

I now call my wife "Natasha"

When a show grabs me
I'm all in.


beth said...

when a show grabs me, i'm all in, too! the blacklist continues to be my number one, can't miss it or might not be able to breathe, i love thursday nights show.

and now sunday nights…secrets and lies.

tell natasha hello!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I have not seen it, I'll have to look it up.

Jerral Miles said...

If you reach across in the middle of the night and touch your wife mumbling sleepily, "Natasha," my guess is that you'll be back on that boat sooner than you planned. I don't recommend testing it.

Marilyn said...

Haven't watched it, but maybe I will explore.