Sunday, January 30, 2011


Recently, I've been contacting everyone I know who lives in a warm climate via Facebook.
People I haven't spoken to in years are getting a "What's up?" from me.
I usually start by saying, "Hi, how ya doing? I know I haven't spoken to you since High School graduation, but I just wanted to check in. By the way, check out the photos I just posted of ALL THE SNOW we have.

I think Facebook is over rated as a social network.

I haven't received ONE invitation to visit from any warm weather friend.


I received a "speed reading" book from my daughter for Christmas.
I think she may be a bit annoyed at how long it takes me to get through a book.
It's quite interesting.
My initial test has me reading at a speed of 240 words a minute.
They say I'm average.

That's not the first time I've heard that.

After reading the first lesson
I retested
and read at an improved rate of 750 words per minute.

I have no idea what I read
but I was fast.

I'm assuming the comprehension part
is in a future lesson.


My area got hit with 16 inches of snow the other day.
I recently read some tips about shoveling snow.
I was told to stay away from caffeine
and be sure to warm up my body before beginning.

I put a little spin on those recommendations.
I poured myself a cup of coffee.
I turned up the heat a few notches.
I looked out the window
and watched my neighbor clear my driveway
with his new snow blower.

My driveway is clear

and I feel great.


Karen said...

LOL... your method worked too! and you didn't even break a sweat. Stay warm, we're about to get clobbered again!

beth said...

you crack me up !
i forgot that you guys really got hit.....again !

and guess what ?
i often watch my neighbor clear my driveway too....even with the hubby home, he likes to do it for us....

and to think some people don't like neighbors.....

Joey said...


dcpeg said...

NICE neighbor, Mark! What will you have to do in return . . .?? Great pics, too!

I'm glad D.C. pretty much dodged the bullet this time around. Still, there were commuters on the road outside our windows idling for more than an hour, trying to get out of town. Glad we're city people!

Melinda Owens said...

Dang...that's A LOT of snow.

And I agree...Facebook, social media network, my ass! By the way, you and your wife are welcome to visit us in Louisiana. Although, by the end of the week it's supposed to be frigid cold. We're probably not far enough south for you.

Jerral Miles said...

Speed in reading, as in a couple of other activities which I won't name here, is overrated. Sometimes slower is better. Now when it comes to something like getting snow out of the driveway, speed is good. Get the stuff out of the way and get back in the house where it's warm as soon as possible... Then you can go back to reading or whatever else you may fancy doing at a speed that makes you happy. Welcome back. I was afraid you'd been snowed under.

Marilyn said...

My goodness that is alot of snow. Love seeing the pictures, but happy it isn't here. We are suppose to have clean skies and sunshine the next couple of days. Don't know why your friends haven't invited you, maybe they could do a house swap for a weeks vacation in your beautiful snowy weather.

Vicky said...

Ha! Now that is my kind of thinking? Sadly my driveway is still full of snow and the neighbor has not taken pity on me... we're so sick of the snow we just barrel right through the drifts with our truck and then run over it till its all packed down :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey there smart guy...I've had a big old laugh...totaly picturing you in sweatpants to some sort of get ready...for your coffee that is...;-)

Gosh that no invitation from a facebook friend uh...sorry I"m not on facebook but guess what: here comes my invitation for grab it with both hands.
I can't deliver you hawai kind of weather (yea yea I know you were aming for that) but my food is good, the beds even better and my company will crack you up. so welcome you are, take you're whole bunch of family including those new books (I might learn a few new things by speedreading) and we'll have fun watching all the new baby buds peek there tiny heads out in my garden.

How did that sound? The only thing left for you to do is book a flight Oh and don't come over the first week of may I'll be in Seattle and Canada by then (SMILES)
So give me a call and I brew that extra coffee my friend.

Stay out of anything I wouldn't be caught in and happy weeks for you my friend.

Dan Kent said...

I read your post at 750 words per minute, and haven't the slightest idea what I read. But at least I'm warm and I can pull out my driveway. I'd invite you down, but I might lose time for my tan.