Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Dear Anonymous,

Or should I say Dear spam person or computer spam spreader person.
Stop leaving anonymous comments on my blog that have nothing to do with the content of that particular days post.

My last post mentioned spring, mulch and golf, and I get a spam comment saying You tube is the best site for seeing video. I KNOW. I use it all the time.
If your going to spam me, at least make it relevant to the subject matter in the post.

You could have tried to sell me discount mulch, used golf balls or bed springs. I could have accepted that. But You Tube? I talk about vibrant spring colors and I get a sales pitch on You Tube?
Put some effort into it at least.

Please don't do it again, or I will have to resort once again to the dreaded "word verification", where people spend more time verifying than commenting.


Jerral Miles said...

Yeah, anonymous. Cut it out... It's a chicken-you-know-what way to get stuff posted in lots of places...

Karen said...

Not sure which I hate more... spam or word verification. Am I the only one who sometimes can't read the stuff? And I don't have poor eyesight.

SueAnn said...

Please.....not that word verification thingy!!
Have you set your comments to registered users only? I have! Just saying

missing moments said...

Yes, I get these weird anonymous emails, sometimes in some foreign language, but fortunately none of them ever get posted on my blog. So I can live with the few emails that come in. But please don't go back to the word verification. Ugh!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Hate a can or in my inbox!

lenworth scully said...

Mark, don't let anonymous get to you. Spam and verification, let's lock them away in the same place, so they can annoy each other!

momto8 said...

yes...and stop with the ugly curse words on my family blog!!