Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung

It's not the vibrant colors
that have come to life
that prove that Spring is here.

It's the 8 yards of mulch
that were dumped
unceremoniously in my driveway.

Those 8 yards ensure
I won't be seeing
the 350 yards of green fairway
off the first tee
anytime soon.


Karen said...

But just think of all that healthy exercise you're going to get!

SueAnn said...

At least, that is the plan!!!
That mulch looks good though!

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why I live in the city. -Erin

dcpeg said...

Ha! You reminded me of the time a pile of mulch was dumped in my parents' driveway and Dad played too much golf and it started smoldering.

I agree with Erin -- city life is so much easier.

Formerly known as Frau said...

yikes my back aches just looking at that pile!

Donna said...

I only had 6 yds dumped at the end of mine - and my back aches just looking at it! It's no fun getting older - although it beats the alternative,right?!

Jerral Miles said...

How about a quick pick-up basketball game in your drive way... That'll get the mulch cleared quickly.